May 19, 2022

Vivo X60: An Unbiased Review

The phone which has been launched recently by Vivo is the high end device in the new breed of mobiles. It is an excellent gadget for business as well as for personal use. Many esteemed reviews have rated it as one of the best devices available in the market. Some of the features which are unique to the Vivo X60 are listed and discussed below. vivo x60

Overall rating is on par with iPhone and Android handsets. Vivo X60 Pro Plus versus Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: It comes in a bigger size of 158.5 x 73.2 x 9.5 mm and weighs 180.5 grams. It supports Dual SIM (Coupon, nano- SIM) and the screen resolution of this phone is 7.2 megapixel. On the other hand, the iPhone has six mega-pixels and four dimensional camera with optical zoom.

Vivo has succeeded in designing a large, 5.8 inch, capacitive multi-touch screen for the big screen. The large size of this device enables smooth and clear viewing of the images. It comes with a wide array of features like water resistance, high definition camera, high resistance to shock, magnetometer, heart rate monitor, built in media player, and many more. In fact, it has the highest resolution of its kind, which is also capable of shooting in HD. The rear camera setup of this mobiles also bears testimony to the excellence of this brand.

The Vivo X60 comes with a lot of innovative features and one such feature is the anti-glare sensor, which can reduce the glare from the bright monitor. This feature is particularly useful for those who are looking to shoot stunning photographs using their smartphones, but are hesitant because of the strong sunlight. Moreover, the front touch pad of the smartphone enables smooth operation of the device. Apart from this, the handset also features an attractive, flat, black and white screen, which adds to the looks of the handset.

The Vivo X60 smartphones run on the Excitve memory, which is one of the most powerful mobile memory chips available in the market. This helps to store huge amounts of data. Moreover, the chipset of the mobiles is powered by the quad-core Intel processor, which has the speed of more than five hundred RPM. With this processor speed, the battery life of the handset is bound to last for long. In fact, the battery of these x60 phones lasts for about twenty hours.

One of the best things about the handset is that it is compatible with the android 11 operating system. This is a nice feature as most android devices are not able to run on the latest android 11, as they have been designed to run on the android 7 platform. However, the Vivo X60 phones run on the standard x60 architecture, which makes them compatible with most of the android devices available in the market. Moreover, there are millions of people across the globe who use the Vivo X60 and give them great reviews about their performance.

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